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Im Gespräch: Efterklang

rasmus-stolbergWir hatten die Ehre Efterklang vor ihrem Auftritt im Hinterhof interviewen zu dürfen. Im Gespräch mit Rasmus Stolberg kam Interessantes dabei raus!


Your new album Piramida was named after the russian territory in Norway. You visited the abandonned ghost town with all its emptiness.

Why did you choose this place?
RS: It’s the the farest place on earth 1000km from the north pole. We went to the ghost town that used to be a russian coldmining ans spent six months writing emails to try to get into touch with the russian company who still controls the place. We needed them to open the doors to the abandonned buildings.

What did you find behind these locked doors?
RS: The abandonned buildings are full of old stuff from the people who used to live there. We’ve found furniture, wall decorations, tools, machines, lots of instruments and old vinyls.

Why is all the stuff still there?
RS: I think the people who used to live there left in a hurry and maybe they thought that they’d come back one day. Or they just couldn’t bring everything on the boat.

And you recorded sounds for your new album there?
RS: Well, that’s how we started to work on the album. The three of us went there and worked out the experiences to collect all the impressions on our new album Piramida. I hope you can hear some of that!

Who made the album artwork?
RS: My wife made it. She has her own design studio called HVASS & HANNIBAL.

What’s the concept behind it?
RS: They have all those symbols inspired by outerspace. And it’s about capturing the feeling of space and time. Because if you’re going up there to that far away place Piramida you kind of realize how old our earth is and also how powerful the nature is. And when you see how people tried to build a home and then just left and the nature is slowly taking it back in, you sort of realize how time and space work. And those people left a mess out there! It’s kind of sad how we consider this world ours and maybe we don’t take good care of it.

The music video for your Song Sedna was shot in Croatia.
Tell me something about it.

RS: It was shot in Zagreb Croatia because we met the director Hana Matic at a film festival in spain and liked her work. That’s why we let her do the music video for our song Sedna. It has many different couples in it, shot in a park in Zagreb. I had some ideas when I first heard the Song and I was thinking about that it could work nice with slow potraits of people. The song is about relationships and we suggested that to Hana Matic and let her do the artwork in her own style. It was nice for us to release the video because everything else is binded to the Piramida trip. Zagreb opened a new door because we like to spread our music to different places.

Tell me something about your project about private public screening?
RS: We’ve produced a ghost town documentation where we used old footage of a russian guy who used to live there. The whole movie is about one hour long and it was shot with the help of a Danish director. The project allows private people to host public screenings of the movie all over the world! Everyone can register and host the movie screening anywhere. The project runs until 24th of March and we have a lot of registrations from all around the world, that’s awesome!

Which two songs of the album fit the atmosphere of the place Piramida the most?
RS: Songs like Black Summer. It was made from recordings of sounds we found there. The second song would probably be Monument because the way it was written and the feeling of the place itself by putting different sounds into the song.

Is there a concept of album?
RS: We knew that monument would be the last song. Every song builds on the previous one, so the album has consistent line.

Now we’re about to ask some different kind of questions.
What kind of animal would your music be?
RS: A curious animal. Like a curious fox!

What place does it represent the most?
RS: A lot people would say nature, forrests and stuff like this. But for me it’s a city like Copenhagen or Berlin.

Which color would describe the album?
RS: Orange. Because it has fire in it. Fire can also be dark, you know.

What’s the mood of the songs?
RS: Thoughtful-Humourus, if that’s even a mood (Laughing).