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Ein Kurzinterview mit FM Belfast

fm-belfast1Vergangenes Wochenende waren FM Belfast am M4Music live zu hören und boten wie immer einen unterhaltsamen Auftritt. Diejenigen unter euch, welche die Band schon mal auf der Bühne erlebt haben, wissen ganz genau wovon hier die Rede ist. Mit ihrem Hit Underwear eroberten die Isländer im Nu alle Hitlisten und sind seither ein wichtiger Bestandteil des heutigen Musikhimmels! Wir hatten die Ehre der Sängerin Lóa Hlín Hjálmtýsdóttir ein paar Fragen stellen zu dürfen und erhielten dabei tolle Antworten.

What song represents FM Belfas the most? And which one is your favourite to perform

What’s the story behind the name Fm Belfast?
It’s so ordinary that I almost want to lie to you… The name came up
while sitting in a car waiting. At first it was for another band, we even
made up names for alter egos.

According to your name: which radio station do you like the most and why?
Recently I found a radio station called Flassbakk (Flashback). It only
plays music from 1990-2005. Listening to it makes me feel like being a kid
and a teenager again.

One of your most popular songs is called Underwear and has quite interesting lyrics. Where did your inspiration come from? What’s the song all about?
It’s inspiration comes from boredom and being stuck somewhere. I think
people like it because they can relate to that.

What song represents FM Belfas the most? And which one is your favourite to perform when you’re on stage?
I’m not sure what song represents us the best. We’ve been doing this for
quite some time now and gone through all kinds of things together. The
songs represent us all in their own way. My favorite track to perform
right now is DeLorean and In Line. I forget where I am when we play those

Who did the artwork for the album How To Make Friends and what does it stand for?
I did all the drawings and our friend Halli Civelek did the cover and all
the design and made everything look nice together. There is one drawing
for each song. I thought it would be nicer to have it like that instead of
writing down all the lyrics.

What’s the biggest difference between the two albums How To Make Friends and Don’t Want To Sleep?
„How to make friends“ is made over a longer period of time. I think „Don’t
want to sleep“ is a bit like „How to make friends“’s older brother or
sister. I’m not a musicologist.

If FM Belfast was eatable: What would it taste like?
Macaroni and Cheese pancakes with maple syrup and tabasco sauce… maybe a
little bit of cilantro too.

What’s your favourtie kind of music at the moment? Name a song that represents your answer.
I’m rediscovering nineties hiphop. I’m terrible with names.

And if you had to choose one, who would you rather work with: Britney Spears, Justin Bieber or Nicki Minaj? Please explain your choice (wisely).
Wisely you say.. well, I think I would pick Nicki Minaj. Britney’s best
songs are written by someone else and I think she is more into working
with producers (which is not my personal strong point), Justin Bieber is
kind of a baby and I don’t know how I would relate to him in any way.
Nicki Minaj is a bit strange and interesting and seems to be fun to work

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